Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Barcelona Game and Circus Madness

Lindsey, Chloe and I went to a Barcelona game!!! Chloe spend a long while studying maps to figure out the whole situation of getting there to the stadium and back so we were set to go! Earlier that day Chloe and I were walking by a circus sign that had been posted all around town the past month. We thought we werent able to go to it because we had been in Barcelona, but when looking closer at the flyer we saw that that day was the last day! It started at 5 and ended around 7:30 which was the time we wanted to leave to the game which started at 9pm. We thought it was a great idea so we told Anna Maria over lunch and she got all excited because she had gone the week before with Oscar and his mom and liked it a lot. So right after lunch we were off to the circus and then after that we would head over to the game. What an eventful day!! The circus was conveniently located two blocks down the road where we live so we walked over and got there by 4 so we could be first in line to get real good seats.
We probably looked like American tourist idiots. We were wearing Messi Barcelona jerseys while drinking dr. pepper and vanilla coke and then taking pictures of everything. Everyone else in line were parents with children.
Once we got in we hurried, while pushing children out of our way to get some real good central seats. Yeah, we showed those kids! Best seats in the house. I think I had been to a circus maybe when I was younger but I dont really remember so this was my fist time to the circus. I love the circus now. I loved every second of it. I saw a camel in real life for the first time, bunch of alligators, snakes, and ponies. There were really cool acrobat performances, balancing acts, along with a Captain American performance. There was also a juggling act where two men stripped down and changed outfits all the while juggling with no mistakes. My favorite was these two little boys who did all these flips together. They were adorable. Made me wonder why I was never raised in the circus...
After a lovely time at the circus we left a little bit early so we could meet Lindsey at the train station on time. We were obviously so excited to go to this soccer game.
We even asked Anna Maria over lunch if wearing a Barcelona jersey to an Atletico Madrid game would be dangerous but she said that there were plenty of Barcelona fans and we would be fine. False. On the way there we did not see a single person wearing Barcelona stuff. As we got closer and closer to the game our zippers on our jackets got higher and higher so that no one could see that we were cheering for the other team. I feared for my life entering the stadium to find that no one was cheering for Barcelona. We made sure that no one saw our jerseys in the event of someone murdering us. Soccer fans get real intense about their teams. Not only could we not show our jerseys, but we also decided it would be best not to cheer for our team. The game was awesome nonetheless! We got to see Messi make some amazing plays which was all that I hoped and wished for. It was also tied for a good portion of the game which I did not like one bit. But no worries! We won. It was so hard not to cheer for Barcelona. So hard. But it was still fun to go to that game with Chloe and Lindsey. We met some great...drunk...people. One man kissed Chloe on the head once Atletico Madrid scored, and there were attractive guys from England that Lindsey was too chicken to talk to on our other side. Such a great day overall. In this photo you can see our jackets zipped 100 percent all the way. That is how serious the situation was. Not a trace of our Barcelona jerseys. But oh how I cheered for Barcelona in my heart.

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