Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Feliz Cumpleanos! x2

Today is Hadley's birthday!!! Hadley is my neice and lives in Texas right now. She is turning 1 years old today. I miss her with all my heart and cant wait to see her in the end of August. I truly hope that she is being spoiled right now by Katie and Ryan. I couldnt skype with them today so I will assume that she is having a birthday filled with love and laughter and joy and happiness and bliss. I hear that your second year of life is the best year of your life. Live it up Hadley, live it up.
Today is also Anna Maria's day of birth!!! We made sure that we told her happy birthday multiple times before we left to school this morning. We told her happy birthday once we saw her and Oscar overheard. He asked if it was really her birthday and she replied yes. He asked her how old she was turning and she said 25. Oscar said no more and believed her lies. You aint tricking me Anna Maria. I know you are not 25. After class was over Chloe and I went to correos to send some postcards. Once that was accomplished we set out on a journey to find a gift for Anna Maria. We walked a short distance of half a block when we saw a flower shop. We just kinda stood there looking at the flowers and how beautiful they were when the lady who worked the shop came up and was asking us questions and if we were looking for a gift. She was so nice and she spoke nice and slow so we could understand everything she was saying. We were even able to talk to her in our horrific Spanish.We ended up getting a real nice bouquet of flowers for Anna Maria in the end.
We went straight home and gave them to her. She was actually really happy about it and went on about how flowers were such a good gift and that she loves them. I like giving her gifts. She put them in a vase next to the dinner table. During dinner she also mentioned that everyone who saw them said that they were beautiful and precious. I really hope that she had a wonderful birthday today. She is just so nice. For lunch and dinner today she had either her BFF Mercedes over or her niece Monica. Anna Maria said that today on her day of birth there would be no party, just a couple close friends over. But Saturday, that is the day she will be having a fiesta. I am so excited you have no idea.

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