Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Thrift Stores in Spain

So I am slightly in love with thrift store shopping. I was raised that way and only know how to shop there. Malls are way too expensive and I only shop in the sale sections if I do go to the mall and plus I think that thrift stores have a lot of unique clothing. When our family gets together for the holidays one of our favorite things to do is go to all our favorite thrifts stores and there are a lot of good ones in Oregon. Well today we went to our classes, and came back to eat lunch and take a little siesta. We got talking during lunch and somehow we were on the topic of used clothing. I had wondered if they had thrift stores here but didnt know how to ask so I got real excited when Anna Maria started talking about purchasing used clothing. She said that every Monday here from 8am to 2pm they set up this station at the market and sell all their used clothing. Then she started taking out all these coats and telling us she got them from there for either 3 euro or 5 euro. She could tell I was pretty excited and so she started trying on all her coats for us at the dinner table and modeling them for us. It was hilarious. She would get each coat out, make sure we felt how nice it was and then put them on one at a time buttoning each button. I told her each one was my favorite. We had some laughs, a few giggles. A jolly time it was. The best part was when we went to our room and we were in our beds about to take a siesta like 20 minutes later. All the sudden we heard a knock and the door and in comes Anna Maria with another coat on. She had already shown us like 8 coats already but didnt want us to miss that last one. It was a huge blue coat and she told us it was 5 euro. hahaha. I told her it was very blue and that it was my favorite. She is so great.
Alls I know is that I am for sure going to that market next Monday to check it out. Maybe I will see Anna Maria there buying a coat.

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