Friday, January 27, 2012

Successful Tuesday

Well, Monday wasn't exactly succesful only because we have the day planned all out for us. It is consumed of classes all morning, go home and eat lunch, take a siesta, maybe do some homework, go to religion class, and then make it back home for dinner. Mondays are pretty relaxed and usually are the days for homework. But this past Tuesday was quite successful! Lindsey and Jenna needed to go to Madrid so that Lindsey could take care of her visa stuff because she is going on a mission to Bulgaria once we get back from Spain. We were supposed to meet them there or something but I guess it was not well thought out because when Chloe and I got there after classes we could not find the US Embassy building or Jenna and Lindsey. We tried and then decided to just go to Puerto del Sol and find a churros and chocolate place that has been recommended multiple times to us. After looking for a short time we found the place we were looking for! It is called Sangines and was found in the corner of this alley close to where we get our Gelado.
This churros con chocolate is the best I have ever had here in Spain. All the other places have some good chocolate but the churros suck. They are too hard and crispy and taste almost stale. I love this place now with all my heart. After trying some of the churros at Sangines, we decided that Gelado sounded pretty good at the time. It was close so we thought we could just stop by. There is this lady named Janice who works there and was super nice to us when we came in. She remembered that we had been there before and even what we had ordered. She speaks a little bit of English so it is easier to communicate with her. Chloe and I got some and sat there and talked with her while we ate. She named almost all 100 of the flavors she makes by hand in this shop which is very impressive. We left telling her stuff like "we are you number one customers" and "see you tomorrow". I think she liked us.
After that we decided that we needed to get a few things at the store for our trip the upcoming Friday so we went back to Alcala to shop at Carrefour, still sad that we never met up with Jenna and Lindsey. At Carrefour I found these chocolates called Milka I wanted to try...little did I know at the time that I would become quite obsessed. I dont even like chocolate that much. As Chloe and I were in the candy isle we ran into the two and only... Jenna and Lindsey!! What an odd coincidence. Fancy meeting them there! At this point, our Tuesday had become quite a success! Finding out that the chocolate that I bought was the best I had ever tasted in my living 21 years on this earth made the day 100 percent successful. So much success in one whole day!!! Turns out Lindney had a rough day trying to find the US Embassy by herself while Jenna was in Madrid with another group of girls. She was able to find the building but found out that the part she needed was not open at that time. She decided that she will be going again on Thursday with Chloe so that she does not get lost again. Then we all went to a small candy store in Plaza de Servantes and got these delicious gummie candies. They are my second favorite candy in the world. We went home and went to bed. Successssss.

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