Wednesday, January 25, 2012


A miracle happened on Saturday. We (I hope you understand by now that "we" always means Chloe and I) were just eating some breakfast on this fine Saturday morning. We didnt exactly have plans and were maybe going to go run at a track or something and told Anna Maria this. She then started talking about this park and how cool it was so we were telling her that we wanted to go and that it sounded pretty awesome. Then she told us that we would go with her and Oscar and that we needed to get dressed right now! She actually wanted us to go with her and Oscar. She actually might like us. I was shocked, but got dressed in a jiffy and we were off!!!! So this park is called Parque Europa and has all these miniature versions of all the famous land marks from all of Europe. It was fun, but it was 20 times more fun because we got to go with our family. There were some rides in the park so Chloe and I got to switch off taking turns riding rides with Oscar. This child is adorable and it was fun to chill with him and Anna Maria all day.
Oscar never really likes me so I was a little too excited when he wasnt mad about me going on a ride with him. I am pretty sure he is smiling in this picture. I think he can tolerate me now. At least he doesnt hate me! He is still and always will be madly in love with Chloe though.
In this park there was also a zip line that went all the way across this lake in the middle of the park. Chloe and I went on this and it was way fun. We coudnt really get pictures of it because we had to leave our bags and cameras with Anna Maria. She was able to at least get one! While at this park Anna Maria and Oscar abruptly left saying that they needed to go pick up Oscar's mom. Apparently Oscars mom was here in Spain all along? Well she showed up and it was nice to meet her but I counldnt help but judge her and wonder why her child is living with her mom instead of with her. At some point Anna Maria decided that we would be going to another park called Parque Naciones and ride some bikes around. We stopped by what seemed to be Oscar's mom's house so that she could get some different shoes. She lives about 5 minutes away from Anna Maria. I dont understand or know the whole situation so all I can do is try not to judge her for not raising her own child. Anyways, we got some Kebabs and went to this enormous park! Oscar was pretty excited when he realized that we were having a picnic. I had been told many times before I left that I needed to get kebabs in Spain because they are super good. I hadnt had the chance yet so I was way excited that she bought us all kebabs for our picnic. They are incredible. It is like this sandwich with sliced meat and amazing sauces in it.

So Parque Naciones is my favorite place here in Spain. I really do say that about everywhere I go but this Park is about 56x more beautiful and wonderful than Parque Retiro. Anna Maria took us to get some bikes which were $free.99! I think she felt bad that we werent going to the track to work out so she let us ride bikes to feel like we were working out. We also couldnt see all of it because Anna Maria was haulin like crazy so we couldnt really stop to look at all the cool things in the park.
After our splendid bike ride Anna Maria was sweating like crazy and was talking about how much of a workout it was. We then got to play soccer for a little bit longer in the park because it was more than perfect weather. Saturday was an extremely productive day and we got to spend it with our family. Oscar's mom was with us the whole time at Parque Naciones but she didnt really so much. She really intimidates me and I feel like she has no patience with the fact that I dont know any spanish. Oscar seems to love her though.
Today is also a very important day.
Today is my sister Katie's Birthday. Happy Birthday Katie!!!!!! 27 is pretty much over the hill. That sucks. Have fun eating all those lava cakes though! Anna Maria made us crepes this morning which were amazing and I thought it was crazy that of all the days she could make us crepes she did it on Katie's birthday. I wish I could have sent a plate for Katie to eat for breakfast too since we both are in love with crepes.
ok bye

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