Friday, January 27, 2012

Lovely stroll in the park

Wednesday not much was done. Maybe some homework? I dont really remember. But on Thursday Lindsey, Jenna, Hilary, Chloe and I decided to go into Madrid. Chloe and I wanted to show them the churros and chocolate place we had found on Tuesday. Lindsey and Chloe were already in Madrid to the rest of us went and met up with them later in Puerto del Sol. We all ate at churros con chocolate and they soon discovered that these really were the best churros. They also thought that Gelado after churros and chocolate sounded pretty good so we did what Chloe and I did a few days before. Janice was in there again and was excited to see Chloe and I again with our friends. She is so nice. She was giving us all these samples and telling us to try things. After ordering we ate and talked with her again. We discovered that she is actually leaving next week and that we wont see her until the beginning of March. I was pretty sad to hear that even though I know nothing of her life. Im gonna miss that lady.
Someone in our group heard about this building castle cathedral thing we should go see so we went on a journey to find it. Never did though. We found this street market with cheap stuff and then this random park but not that destination building we were on a mission to. It was nice to chill with all of them though. At the park fountain place we discovered a couple making out. It was the most intense making out I had ever seen and I could not believe that they were in public. The children were watching!!! I couldnt handle it but managed to get a photo. I looked around and nobody else in the place was even noticing what was happening. Anyways, we also found a garden where a drama club was practicing a play scene so we watched them for a bit. Mildly entertaining. We got some good pictures this afternoon and there was much laughter the whole day we were in Madrid. And yes, this dog below tried to attack me for my food.
This is their reaction to the scene above.

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