Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Speaka de English?!

For some strange reason I was caught off guard by the fact that I will actually have to speak Spanish back to my host family. Maybe I thought they would be able to speak English. Maybe I thought I would be suddenly amazing at Spanish once setting foot in the country. How terribly false these imaginations were.
I had not really slept in two days so I was already somewhat delirious while getting off the plane and taking the bus to Alcala.
So we got to the plaza in the center of Alcala where we met our host parents. I was picked up alone because my roommate Chloe was on a later flight so she would catch the late bus. Anna Maria my host mom got there and we walked to her car where we then drove to the store. To be honest I hate driving in Utah very very much because those who drive there are inconsiderate and not the nicest. Just my opinion. I never thought it was possible, but I found somewhere in this world, where as a pedestrian, I fear the cars more than in Utah. Right here in Spain. It was horrific driving with this lady because there were too many round abouts and the streets were way too skinny. She almost killed precisely 6 human beings. There are also random red lights in the middle of the round abouts. Who does that!? My favorite part was going to the store with her to buy some food and finding a car parked sideways in the marked stall. Apparently that's just okay here. So we got the food and started heading back while the whole time she is talking to me in spanish and expecting me to understand and say something back. I surprising knew most of what she was saying but did not know how to say anything so I just say "si" and "ok", maybe "no se", or some "mhmm", or "que?!?!". She talked a lot about the "arboles" here and how beautiful they are in the spring especially June
. I told her I wouldn't be here in June....something like "no aqui en Junio". I'm doing just great. Somehow we were talking about food and I guess I said I liked chicken or something like that on accident. On the next round about she went all the way around it to turn around and go back to the store. I asked and she said that she was going back to get some chicken. I tried to tell her no, but she said claimed that she "forgot that she needed to get chicken". She didnt get a chicken. oh no, she got three. She drove back and got three whole chickens! I dont like chicken that much. I dont like chicken "3 whole chickens" much! She is a nice lady though.
She showed me around her apartment a bit which is pretty tiny but real nice. Very small but very conventional. I love it.
There are actually two beds in this room. She also showed me how when taking a shower we only get about three squirts of water. At least it is warm water. I feel like I learned a lot on just the first day and feel like i have already been here for a week. I am hoping to learn fast because it is very frustrating to not be able to communicate with someone you are living with.
If anyone loves Ferris Bueller's Day Off as much as I do they would know that my title is from that movie. When the sister tries to call the police... eh? eh? anyone remember? ok, im going to bed.

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Ryan and Katie Whipple said...

ahhh youre in spain!?!?! so jealous! i will now be living vicariously through you. so be prepared at family gatherings when i start telling your stories like they actually happened to me.