Monday, January 9, 2012

Here goes...

This is a blog of the oh so important happenings of my life! Who wouldnt want to hear about that?!
All my friends here at BYU either went on a mission, got married, or have graduated... so what am I going to do? Study abroad of course. I am mostly going because I need to leave America, but I also am going to learn Spanish. Oh, and to have the adventure of a lifetime right?

Yeah! sure, im super excited. Only, at this point I only want to throw up. I know that is pretty dramatic. Yeah yeah yeah, but I have been through too many emotions the past couple days.
Pure joy and excitement, happiness, then nervous, then scared, then absolutely terrified, then sad, then desperately lingering onto how amazing America really and truly is (since I wont ever be coming back). May or may not be in order. But its okay, I will hopefully get some real restful couple of hours of sleep tonight.

Im am off to Spain tomorrow early in the morning. Follow if you want to know all about my adventures studying abroad through BYU. I probably wont miss you.

By the way, being home for almost a month has been incredible! With my sister Amber having twins on December 6th and my other sister Katie coming to town, our house was full. We had our traditional Christmas program but it was not the same since Grandpa couldnt make it out this year. It was fun to have all the kids around though. I think its a lot more fun to watch kids open presents.

Pretty sure my dad is asleep.

Last week my mom, Katie, Strat, Hadley and I were all able to go to
the beach for the day. We went to the Tillamook Cheese Factory, got some ice cream and then went to see the sunset on the beach. Love day trips. Even the ones to Pasco Washington. We definately bought 3 bags of squeaky cheese.

I love the farmer's face.

Here in Oregon, you need to really bundle up to go to the beach. For example, winter coats and hats work perfectly!
ok bye!!

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Taylor Morgan said...

Chelsey! I can't believe you're going to SPAIN! That is amazing. And seriously cool. I'm definitely going to keep up on all of the wonderful things that will happen over there.

Good luck!