Sunday, January 29, 2012


This past weekend we had another weekend trip, but this was even better because we got to stay the night in a hotel. I was the most excited about not having to make my bed and not having to be forced to eat food. We got up very early to get to the bus which left at 8:00am sharp. The bus ride wasn’t too far and the bus was super nice so we could sleep on the way to our destination. Our first stop was Avila and we got there in the afternoon and we were not exactly surprised to see snow. Wonderful, spectacular snow. I actually hate snow. One of the reasons I was excited to come to Spain during Winter semester was because I didn’t have to deal with Utah snow. The first snowfall in Utah is nice and pretty but anything after that is treacherous. I just don’t like being cold. When we got to Avilla it was snowing and freezing. Since this was really the first snow I had seen all year I didn’t mind too much. We got off the bus and started the tour right away. Avilla has this city wall around the whole city which is the best well kept in all of Europe. They were so pretty and tall and we even got to walk along top of the wall. The snow actually made it look prettier.

Our tour guide took us into the Cathedral which was so beautiful. I cant help it, but I feel like I have seen so many Cathedrals that all of them kind of mesh together. All the entrances seem the same along with the ceilings. They are all incredibly wonderful, but turns out that they are all different but very similar. We were only there for a couple hours but it was enough since I couldn’t feel my feet anymore. I hate saying that it was fun because I feel like everything I do I say is fun. But this really was a lot of fun and it was such a pretty little town even if it was snowing.

We then set off on the bus to Salamanca where we would be staying the night. We pulled up to this really nice hotel and were told that this was probably the nicest hotel we would be staying at for the whole Spain trip…so enjoy. Turns out Chloe and I got a real big room with lots of space so it was claimed the party room. After dropping off our luggage we went off on another tour for the day to see Salamanca. There was this one Cathedral where you had to find this frog in all the detail work and if you found it you would either get married in a year or get good grades on a test. I found it but I cheated because everyone else found it and showed it to me. But they cheated too soooo yeah. Looks like I wont be getting married for a loooong time. It was better weather in Salamanca because it wasn’t snowing but it was just as cold.

After the tour we were let loose on the streets to eat dinner and do whatever our hearts desired. The desire of my heart was to eat Burger King, and so I did. It is so nice to have American food sometimes and I was really in the mood. After that we shopped a little and then went back to our hotel. Salamanca is a college city so all these students were all up in the streets going crazy. It was a Friday night so everyone was going to the discopops which are clubs to go dancing. Things were getting a little nutz out there so we scurried on back to the hotel asap. There we played some cards and oh no…drank some coke with ice. What a crazy Friday night. But seriously, it was. One of the girls (I will not mention her name due to confidential reasons) dropped it too low and ripped her pants. Let that be a lesson to all. I also may or may not have eaten two large bars of chocolate that whole day by the way.
So the next morning we got free breakfast!! Aaaaannnnd it was hot chocolate. There was some bread too but I now have discovered that I hate to eat bread in the morning. It tastes terrible and is just too much. Too much bread! But man that hot chocolate was so delightful though. Chugged it all. That morning was so great. I made sure my bed was plenty messy before I left because I didn’t have to make it and I didn’t even throw away that piece of trash on my nightstand. Anyways, then we were off to the next city= Torro. This Saturday was so spectacular and the skies were clear. Torro was such a cute little town on the edge of these cliffs. We did not have a tour guide there so we got to explore the city together as a group. The only thing we really saw in Torro was the Cathedral which was so pretty and the view from the Cathedral. We walked around the town a little bit in the perfect weather but soon left to go on to the next city which was Tordesilla.
The weather was seriously wonderful compared to the day before. It was still cold but the sky was clear and so blue. Here in Tordesilla, we again didn’t have a tour guide for this city which I liked a lot. I felt like the day before was rough having two tours in a row. It felt good just to go wherever we wanted. Chloe was nominated as navigator because she is super good at it. She got us to a Cathedral which was also the main destination of this city. I don’t want to pick favorites, but of this whole trip, this city was my favorite. It may have something to do with the fact that it was such nice weather.
After the Cathedral we got to explore the city for a few hours and find lunch to eat. We tried to find food but on the way we had a small fiesta in the Plaza Mayor where a band was playing music and encouraged us all to join them in dancing. We gladly joined. We made it to a bridge, couldn’t find a cheap place to eat tapas or even tapas in general so we ended up eating pizza from a gas station.

It was a great weekend trip overall. We all got on the bus to go back home and I literally knocked out for the three hour ride home. I usually cant sleep in cars, but I was out once I got on and woke up when we stopped at our destination. Home.

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