Monday, January 30, 2012

Flea Market. Not a store.

Today after classes today I went to that thrift store thing I talked about earlier. It ended up being this huge Saturday market thing like we have in Portland. It was pretty sweet and they had a lot of cheap stuff. I went up to this one table and started looking at the coats because I maybe wanted to get one. I found some really good ones and wanted to try them on real quick so I could choose. I was minding my own business when this guy who worked at this table got upset about something. I could not really understand what he was saying but he made it clear that he did not want me trying the coats on where I was because they were folding clothes. There was nowhere else to go so I told him I would move in a minute. Then he got super mad and was yelling some more so I put my coat on and then threw all the coats I had in my arms all over the table so that it would be a mess and then I walked away. Yes, I was there looking at the clothes at 1:30 when they will be leaving at 2:00 but you would think that if he wanted to sell anything he would be a lot nicer. I was so mad. It was a terrible experience of a thrift-ish store/ flea market, but I am not going to say that I will never go back there again. Because I will go back, but not soon. I am afraid that man will recognize me.

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