Friday, March 2, 2012

Normal day

Today was quite a regular day in the small town of Alcala de Henares. We went to school, came home and prepared to write a paper for our art class. I couldnt/did not feel like doing it so I wasted my time doing much more entertaining things on my computer like facebook or watching a show. The last thing I wanted to do was write a paper I knew I would get a bad grade on. I couldnt be in the house any longer so I asked Chloe for the 30th time if she would go with me to feed the ducks. She finally agreed without rudely asking where these ducks were as if I made them up. We grabbed our loaf of bread and went to feed the ducks at the river. As we were leaving we tried to tell her that we were going to feed some ducks and that we would be right back but she understood that we were going to the river to eat bread. She was like "ummm vale chicas...". Then she realized what we were really saying and thought it was hilarious. Sure enough, when we got to the river there were ducks. We threw bread at them and threw bread at them but those stupid ducks would not eat our bread.It was a bit discouraging so we just went and sat on a cement slab near the water instead. Then it started raining. Best part of my day because rain is my favorite weather in the world. We were just sitting by the river talking about life in the rain. Then the rain stopped and these geese came out of nowhere swimming as fast as they could straight at us. We threw our bread at them and they scarfed it down. I got so excited I started throwing whole pieces at them like a frisbee. They then swam away. By the time we left, the ducks and geese had eaten our whole loaf of bread. Stupid ducks.

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