Saturday, February 11, 2012


On Friday we had a day trip again. We will be having quite a few and what most of my blogs will be about. This time we went to Segovia which is a town about and hour away. Freezing. It was actually snowing too. This town contains an aqueduct that runs nearly 10 kilometers. I dont know what that transfers into miles but pretty long. They are huge.
Our next stop on the tour was the Cathedral of Segovia which is apparently the last Gothic Cathedral made during that time. We did not go into the Cathedral and I dont know why. But the best part was seeing the Alcazar of Segovia which is this huge castle palace on a hill. Our tour guide told us this one story where a maid was watching an infant prince and I guess they didnt know how to baby proof anything back then so the window sills were non existent. The kid fell out the window to his death and then the maid was so scared of her punishment that she jumped over the ledge to her death after the child. Pretty depressing. But it was a sweet castle. I always try to imagine living in the castles during olden times when walking through them. They seem so empty and cold to me but it would be fun lounging around all day walking in gardens and looking out windows.After looking around at a bunch of armors and swords in the palace we got to climb to the top of the castle. I am not used to going up stairs due to my absence of living south of BYU campus so I had a rough time. The stairs were huge too height wise which made it worse. Its funny how these are the highlights that I remember from trips. When I am cold, when I hurt, and a lot of when I eat somewhere. Anyways, the view was pretty.
After the castle we got to explore so we went into a place to get hot chocolate but I didnt get any. Then we went shopping in the stores on the streets. Then we saw Jaclyn and Alana from our group and they told us to try some stuff that tasted somewhat like marzipan. We did and we ended up buying two because it was 20 times better than marzipan could ever be. It was like a super doughy cinnimon roll of heaven. Then we were walking in the streets again and saw Jaclyn and Alana again and they were eating this hot chocolate with icecream. So we tried it and it was very good. Best hot chocolate and then ice cream all in one dish. It was so good. We decided that we should follow them in every town because they find the best food. Then we decided that maybe we should go with them instead of following them. Genius.

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