Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Feliz Dia de San Valentin

Happy Valentines Day!!
Today was valentines day. What great holiday invented by America. Just this one day of the year can you show that you love your special someone. One day only! The rest of the year apparently does not matter. The start of the day was pretty good because in our conversation spanish class we spent the whole hour making valentines. Since it was valentines day Chloe and I decided to get Anna Maria a gift because she gets us something new everyday (As of recent: new memory foam mattresses, Beanie/neck warmers, leggings, and a dashing green jacket shirt where she sewed her own buttons on. This is getting out of control). We went to the local grocery store called Carrefour to get her something awesome. We ended up purchasing these flowers for her for only 1 Euro, a box of tea because she drinks tea every night and day, and a lovely hand crafted card we made in spanish class with slaughtered spanish sentences on it. We wrote something like "We like the food you cook every day. Very good. Thank you for all".
We gave these gift of love to her after lunch and she was so happy she gave us kisses!! She told us we got her nice tea and that she loved it. She didnt read the card we gave her in front of us, but I am sure she was saving that one for a rainy day. She is going to love it. We will ignore the fact that valentines day is not exactly the greatest when you are single. But we tried our best to make it great by being eachother's valentines. Chloe got me a box of Lindor truffles and Milka Bars of chocolate. Best valentines day in Spain ever! I have actually never gotten a box of chocolates for valentines day in my life.
I felt pretty special. I mean what better way to spend valentines than sitting in your room and stuffing your face with chocolate? Splendid delectable chocolate. But really, I did enjoy my valentines gifts and spending it with my special valentine.

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