Saturday, February 25, 2012

Just a lil' taste of America

After Chloe and I got back from Cuenca we decided it would probably be best if we stayed in bed the next few days and so we did. All Sunday and Monday we stayed home in order to be as well as possible when we were supposed to leave for Barcelona. On Tuesday we decided that we were well enough to go to school and also to go into Madrid with some of the girls to go to this place called Taste of America. We did not have any trouble at all finding the place and were happy to see all the American food this store had to offer. The highlight for me was Dr. Pepper!!!!!!! I missed this beverage so much and was excited to get a couple cans and save them for a dreary day. I didnt want to go crazy and buy a bunch of American food because I will be going back soon and I probably wont ever go back to Spain so I only got some soda and gushers. Soooo good. Love that store, but probably wont go back there again.

Once Chloe and I got back into town we went to Carrefour to buy food for our lunches like we did for our last long trip since it was such a success. So excited to get to Barcelona. The one trip I have extremely been looking forward to.

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